Care & Maintenance

Regular care is required to maintain the look and feel of your sofa.


Be sure not to place your sofa in direct sunlight as this may cause fading of colours. Regularly (weekly) vacuum down fabrics so as to remove any dust build up and help minimise transfer pilling. Clean stains and spills immediately following directions on fabric care label located under seat cushion. If unsuccessful seek the advice of a professional cleaner.

Seat Cushions

It is natural that all seat foam will lose some hardness over time. Seat cushions should be rotated weekly to allow for even wear across the sofa. 

Fibre Filled Back Cushions

Fibre filled back cushion fillings will naturally soften over time, such cushions should be rotated and puffed up to maintain shape and increase the life of these cushions. Regular rotation of all cushions will also extend the life of the fabric on the sofa. 

Sofa Beds

All sofa beds are designed as an occasional bed only. The mechanism must not be closed with pillows or sheets left on the bed. In the open position the sofa bed is not designed as a seat. Please be sure to follow operating instructions to prevent permanent damage to the mechanism. 

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